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With a big country like Australia comes great weather extremes, but why should that stop us from enjoying the great outdoors?

The fact is, it doesn’t! Not if you’re talking outdoor blinds from Great Western Shade.

We’ve been improving the lives of families across Australia for years, with an expertly researched range of outdoor blinds that’s tough to beat anywhere else. What’s more, we handle everything from the free measure and quote to the final fitting. And we support Aussie businesses by ensuring that all of our products are Australian made – nothing is imported.

Choosing The Right Blinds

It’s not guesswork. It’s certainly not one product fits all. Talk to any one of us at Great Western Shade and you’ll tap into a wealth of outdoor blind solutions for your external area.

Extreme sunlight. UV rays. Heavy rain. Frosty weather. Even insects! The effects from all of these events can be eased when an outdoor blind from Great Western Shade creates a wonderful outdoor room.

Choose from our huge range of colour options sure to complement any outdoor setting.

Ziptrak Blinds

This revolutionary blind system harmoniously links your indoors to the outdoors. Backed by Australian engineering brilliance, it operates via an effortless, balanced action and although an outdoor blind, it effectively creates an extra room without the hassle of builders or renovation costs.

Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco is another way of saying ‘in the open air’, so an alfresco blind simply allows you to keep enjoying the benefits of the open air but with more shelter. Also known as café blinds, bistro blinds and patio blinds, alfresco blinds can be clear PVC or ultra-durable mesh fabric, so either way, you retain your view of the outside world.

Window Blinds

Sitting just inches from the window, outdoor window blinds instantly protect a window’s surface – keeping the heat out in summer and still allowing any trapped hot air to escape. During winter, the blinds provide an insulating external barrier that maintains the warmth inside your home for longer which can equal reduced energy bills.

Patio Blinds

The idea of patio blinds is simple: we attach them to the top opening of your patio and when the weather becomes too hot or too wet, you roll the blinds down to shield the inside. They can roll down part way, half way or entirely. Choices vary from manually handled ropes and pulleys, crank handle operation to a mechanical action with the press of a button.

Roof to Fence Blinds

Roof to fence blinds allow you to keep all of your existing floor space. They shade a tight space from your window to a wall/fence while maintaining maximum living area. A big plus is they can be rolled up or down to match the seasons – unlike a fixed roof structure.

Australia’s geographic location makes our outdoor lifestyle the envy of the world. Great Western Shade wants to keep it that way with our versatile selection of outdoor blinds that protect, beautify and suit a budget.

We’re a family-owned-and-operated business that’s local, experienced and affordable, so call us for a free measure and quote today.