We dress ourselves to stay warm or cool, and to look good. This same set of principles is applied by Great Western Shade to your patio or balcony with our wonderful range of external shutters.

The moment they’re up, your home will have a whole new beauty to it and instantly the shutters will be doing their job of keeping sun, heat, cold and prying eyes at bay.

All of our external shutters are Australian made, so you’re sure to get a beautifully finished product that will stand its ground on durability for years and years. All parts and components are made tough, consisting of external-grade stainless steel or aluminium. The powder coating is applied thick, to last not only the years but the inevitable bumps seen in a home.

Wonderfully versatile, we have flexible external shutter options to match any patio or balcony.


Where the shutters are fixed in the one position. They can still have louvres that swivel for airflow control and privacy.


These external shutters slide along a track to allow for light diffusing during sunrise and sunset.


The shutters fold into parts via a hinge which allows for easy entry and exit over a larger space without compromising ventilation.


Shutters can be fixed to the side of your opening so as to allow one part of your opening to be shuttered and the other part open for light and airflow.

With years of expertise and contacts, if anyone can match your home’s needs with your budget, Great Western Shade can. We’ll start with a free measure and quote, then shown you the extensive range of external shutter styles including our premium Beachside Range Unequalled for its quality and superior looks, Beachside ticks every single external shutter box.

  • A bigger range of tracking, hardware and locking options.
  • Includes lockable blades.
  • Can incorporate glass panels.
  • Shutter blades can be installed vertically or horizontally – great for pools or as a design feature.
  • Powder coated colours that are wide-ranging and long-lasting.
  • Perfect for residential and commercial.
  • Cyclone-rated.

External shutters – they’re definitely the way to dress your home to impress AND have fingertip control of weather extremes and privacy. When you’re ready to turn your outside area into a remarkable living space, go with the family-owned and operated business that’s local, experienced and affordable – Great Western Shade.

Why not call for a free measure and quote today?