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Retractable Pergolas

So how does Australia’s weather look these days? A snapshot shows us:

  • Queensland’s winter melts into summer heat and rain as early as August.
  • Perth’s run of 40 degree days gets longer and longer.
  • Melbourne can often see rain and hail in the morning but brilliant sun by lunch time.
  • Sydney’s hot and wet tropical weather is much more regular.

So many seasons in one Aussie day! That is why Great Western Shade’s retractable pergolas are fast becoming the go-to choice over regular awnings – they’re so very versatile and complete any home with a stylish finish.

Retractable Pergolas Vs. Regular Awnings

With a regular awning, what you build is what you get: four posts and a fixed roof. Yes, you get the protection from the harsh effects of the sun, wind and rain but what about when the sun is soft, the breeze is light and the clouds are throwing out some amazing shapes?

That’s when you’ll be thrilled you own a retractable pergola. You choose when to let the sky in on your outdoor party and when to kick back with the roof shut and the elements at bay.

Because you can enjoy a retractable pergola with guests as well as working, relaxing or watching the kids spread out their activities no matter what the weather is doing, it truly does introduce another room to the house.

Made from high strength aluminium alloy that’s suitable right through to marine environments, retractable pergolas deliver a definite ‘wow factor’ to an outdoor area. It’s why hotels now choose to install them – it’s an impressive sight for their guests.

On the home front, you have three sizes to choose from each of the three retractable pergola designs: the Star, the Vertex and the Arch. All are sure to help reduce cooling and even heating costs in the way that they keep the blistering heat and ice cold from directly entering your home.

Retractable Pergolas Vs. Folding Arm Awnings

Apart from both products having fold-away mechanisms, there isn’t much similarity between a retractable pergola and the folding arm awning.

The latter fixes to your eaves or wall. It provides total UV protection when folded out, can be tilted to counter the sun and folds back partially or wholly to the wall for unobstructed open-air access.

If a folding arm awning has a drawback, it’s that it can be susceptible to high winds but that can be countered with a second high-strength mechanical arm.

The retractable pergola is fixed to the ground by posts ensuring a much tougher stance against strong winds. Its waterproof fabric membrane can vary in colour, texture and fabric and sits above you in runners on the overhead frame. It also can protect you entirely from the elements or be drawn back partially or wholly to allow air and sun in.

Easy Operation

Best of all, a retractable pergola is so easy to operate. Driven by the leading Somfy Motorisation and remote system, reacting to unexpected weather changes is a breeze. Great Western Shade can even install a sensor so that the pergola responds on its own as the weather alters.

We change our minds often enough so why be surprised when the weather does too? Now that you know about the outstanding qualities of our retractable pergolas, you can carry on living outside better than you ever did before, without the weather intervening.

To turn your outside area into a remarkable living space, go with the family-owned-and-operated business that’s local, experienced and affordable. Call Great Western Shade today for a free measure and quote.