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Roof to Fence Blinds

Now there is a way for you to control the strong Australian sun streaming through your window in that tight space – with our roof to fence blinds from the Great Western Shade’s outdoor blinds and shades range.

They’re the perfect solution to blocking the sun in limited areas. They add style to any home too.

Challenge 1

You have a window that sits just a metre or so from your fence line. There’s no room to build a pergola. There’s not even enough space to attach a folding arm awning.

#1 Solution

A fully retractable roof to fence blind will sit above your window and can be rolled out for the times when shelter is required. It can even be removed for the winter months. Made from super durable fabric, like all of our outdoor blinds and shades, our roof to fence blinds give you peace of mind that lasts.

Challenge 2

You have west facing windows that also open onto a driveway.

#2 Solution

When you need to use the driveway for the likes of a delivery truck or a caravan, simply roll back your roof to fence blind. It’s a much better solution to a bulky fixed pergola. When the job’s complete, roll your blind out again.

Roof to fence blinds:

  • Allow you to keep all of your existing floor space
  • Shade a tight space from your window to a wall/fence while maintaining maximum living area
  • Can be rolled up or down to match the seasons – unlike a fixed roof structure
  • Come in an assortment of modern fabrics to blend or contrast perfectly with your home

Many Applications

Roof to fence blinds are versatile in their uses too. How about a shaded area for your plants? Perhaps you have some dogs or birds that need some life-saving shade? Do the kids need a water-resistant cover in the outdoor play area?

Our roof to fence blinds have been used for all of these solutions and then some! Surprise us with your need.

Whatever the reason to fit a roof to fence blind, we will deliver the perfect solution. All of our outdoor blinds and shades are custom fit, come in durable fabrics, are easy to operate and add a stylised look to your home that is proven to add value.

Great Western Shade has your small, tight space covered with the outstanding performance and versatility of the roof to fence blind, just a part of our extensive outdoor blind and shade range.