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Why Ziptrak

How does gaining an extra room in your home without the expense and mess of renovating sound?

It is possible, and furthermore, it’s been happening in homes across Australia for the last 15 years – all thanks to the genius Australian invention that is Ziptrak blinds.

The three top reasons why Ziptrak blinds are superior to other external blinds are:

  • You get protection from the elements without the need for cords, zips, ropes or wires
  • Ziptrak blinds are ultra-sturdy in extreme weather and still allow full enjoyment of your view
  • Ziptrak is recognised internationally as the leader in outdoor vertical track-guided blind systems

Lightweight and Yet, Robust

It’s intelligent Australian engineering that ensures Ziptrak blinds are so simple to use.

First, you’ll notice how clean and tidy Ziptrak blinds are, with no ropes, wires, zips or pulleys. It’s the inner-spring mechanism, designed for perfect balance and lightweight handling which allows anyone – young, old and in-between to easily slide the blind up and down. Whatever height you choose to slide it to, the blind will sit at.

Next is the locking system that allows the blind to lock tight when fully down, providing a secure hold even in the most trying of windy conditions. Unlocking both left and right locks simultaneously is a breeze thanks to the Centre Lock Release that also acts as the handle.

How about a perfect seal from the outside elements? Thanks to the patented track design, when fully closed the Ziptrak blind will not budge from its secure position. This allows your indoor area to remain protected from insects, garden debris and whatever the weather event. It also means you can entertain year-round, protected from inclement weather in what many customers consider their new room to the house!

A Greener Home

Harness a Ziptrak blind and you harness the sun too. Whether you choose the clear or tinted PVC, or a sunscreen mesh, you can stop the summer sun from streaming directly into your home, lessening the need for air-conditioning.

During winter, simply reverse that thinking: Ziptrak blinds set in the open position allow the sun to warm your home naturally.

Architecturally Awesome!

Whether you have a heritage-listed home or your living is ultra-modern, Ziptrak blinds can be easily incorporated into your outdoor area. Seamless solutions for invisible integration include recessing componentry into ceiling cavities and face-fixing to disguise the tracks.

Larger openings can also be catered for with the maximum size of a Ziptrak blind extending to 6 metres wide and 3.5 metres tall. The system will come with extra components to make it as easy to slide as its smaller 3-metre-long blind. Talk to your architect or builder to find the best solution for you.

So, who’s ready to improve their home? We’re all looking for solutions that do the job plus add to our home’s value, so when you’re keen for year-round entertainment and to seamlessly harmonise the outdoors with your home’s indoors, go with the Australian owned and invented Ziptrak blinds.

They’re are available from Great Western Shade, the family-owned-and-operated business that’s local, experienced and affordable. Why not call for a free measure and quote today?