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Window Blinds

You can’t turn the house away from the sun, but you can turn the sun away – with a clever application of outdoor window blinds from Great Western Shade. The window blinds attach to the outside of your home, above the window and roll down a wire, either manually or mechanically. Visually, they look fantastic. Environmentally, they shade the window from not only sun but also wind and rain. They’re successful in blocking out up to 95% of harmful UV rays.

Our outdoor window blinds are the perfect solution to cooling or insulating a room and best of all, Great Western Shade’s range of blinds suit a number of window types – wind-out, standard sliding and sash windows.

Sitting just inches from the window, outdoor window blinds instantly protect its surface area – keeping the heat out in summer and even allowing any trapped hot air to escape thanks to its breathable fabric. The bonuses continue with internal furnishings instantly receiving a longer lifespan thanks to the sun block from outdoor window blinds.

Reducing Winter Energy Costs

How does saving on your energy bill sound? It’s absolutely possible with outdoor window blinds. Many homes across Perth are already seeing the savings. During winter, the blinds provide an insulating external barrier that maintains the warmth inside your home for longer because less heat escapes through the glass. Less lost heat means reduced heating needed to keep your rooms warm.

All of our PVC outdoor window blinds are made tough to stand the harsh weather conditions that WA is famous for dishing up. The shade cloth is weather-resistant and comes in a range of colours to suit popular external home colour schemes.

So whether your window is up high or at ground level, you now have the answer to shading your home and saving your home, with outdoor window blinds from Great Western Shade. We’re the trusted family-owned-and-operated business that’s local, experienced and affordable.

When you’re ready to have a better performing home, in all kinds of weather, call our expert team for a quality outdoor window blind custom measure and quote.